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Puffs, or: Seven Increasingly Eventful Years at a Certain School of Magic and Magic

"Especially powerful purveyors of humor include the show’s sardonic narrator, its cloying interpretation of the Boy Who Lived himself, and—my absolute favorite—the magnificently swagger-laden Cedric Diggory. " [Michael Arbeiter, Nerdist]

"Featured as both a charming but clueless Cedric and sleek Voldemort, James Fouhey steals nearly every scene he is in " [Amanda Mashack, Broadway World]

"Alongside Moon were James Fouhey as Cedric Diggory and A.J. Ditty as the Narrator, who were both standouts with their own comedic timing. " [Arimeta Diop, Washington Square News]

"Cedric is embodied by James Fouhey, who takes on the role of Most Popular Puff with confidence and ease. " [Noelle, Pop City Life]

"there’s also Cedric Diggory (the delightfully suave James Fouhey)—who, if a bit dim, is super cool (for a Puff, at least) and even a bit dreamy. " [Dan Dinero, Theatre Is Easy]

The Recommendation

“James Fouhey's charismatic Izzy disarms us with his charm and candor, revealing the complex mix of affection, appalled fascination, and self-interest that informs his friendship with Aaron.” [David Barbour, Lighting and Sound America]

“James Fouhey brings sympathy and spark to the climbing Izzie.” [Joseph Samuel Wright, Theatre Is Easy]

Restoration Comedy

“the lasciviously athletic Mr. Fouhey” [David Rooney, The New York Times]

“Fouhey, in his first show with The Bats, has a charismatic stage presence and a commanding voice.” [Olivia Jane Smith, New York Theatre Review]

“James Fouhey dominates wonderfully as Loveless -- wry, amused,

exotic, bemused, leaping across the stage with his long body.” [Yvonne Korshak, Let's Talk Off Broadway]

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